Wave or QuickBooks

Wave has become a leader in online accounting software and, even better, it is primarily FREE! We can help with setting up your Chart of Accounts, bank importing, etc.

QuickBooks is a great software for accounting via desktop or online. It is more robust than Wave, but also more expensive. If you need help choosing or setting up, let us know.


Square is the leader today in mobile credit card transacting. They offer equipment that easily works with your cell phone for both credit card swiping and chips at a low per transaction fee. Square also offers invoicing and inventory. We can help you set up your software and determine how best to use it.

Google Documents     

There is so much that can be done today with Google Documents. Very similar to Microsoft Office, it allows you to access your documents, sheets, etc. from any location via your cell phone or online. We can help you set up and use Google Documents for a variety of needs you may have in your business.