It’s not enough these days to just maintain a static website. Consumers and businesses today want to get to know you and understand your approach to business…and life! Social media is the key to getting in front of your customers. But one post here or there won’t do it!

Knowing how often, what to post, and the right times to post are key! 

Did you know the average business should post unique material AT LEAST ONCE A DAY on at least one social media platform?

Did you also know that only 20% of your posts should be sales-related?

With our social media expertise, we can work with you to plan your posting schedule and execute that plan if you need that time to focus on the core of your business!




With over 1.8 billion users as of January 2017, Facebook is the first place you should definitely focus your social media attention! We can help you set up and maintain a company page or group on Facebook as well as plan, execute, and track posts, ads, and boosts.



It’s not just for the famous anymore! As of January 2017, Twitter has 317 million active monthly users. Though not as saturated as Facebook, a lot can still be accomplished in 140 characters or less!



Instagram’s focus is photos and videos…so if you have a visual business, you definitely need to be on Instagram showcasing yourself and your products.



LinkedIn is an excellent place to showcase yourself and expertise through your personal page and your business as its own page. There are also endless opportunities to publish white papers, short articles, training pieces, etc. that further showcase your expertise. We can help you set up and maintain your pages and help you utilize LinkedIn to improve your business success.



Short and simple, blogging attracts customers to your website! It helps to build brand awareness, improves your SEO, and drastically increases lead generation. We can help you set up blogging and can even write blogs for you if you do not have the time to dedicate to it. (And why not cross-publish your blogs – or portions of – on LinkedIn?)