Website Questionnaire

Name of Contact *
Name of Contact
Contact Phone *
Contact Phone
Have you purchased a URL for the Business? *
Note: We will need access to the account where this URL is held.
Note: Specific .com URLs are often not available so I am looking for options to find the most applicable URL available.
Do you sell Products or Services?
If Yes, do you intend to sell the Products or Services through your website using e-commerce?
If Yes to Products, do you have high a high quality photo for each product?
For example: About page, Contact page, Service description page, etc...
Do you have a custom font created for your brand? If Yes, please plan to provide the file for the font.
Examples: Sanserif, Block, Script
Do you have photos or stock images you would like used for your site? If Yes, please send these to me via email. *
What is your target due date for this website? *
What is your target due date for this website?
Note: We will discuss further to determine the specific due date.